Cabinet Refacing is a unique way to change the entire look of your existing kitchen cabinets.  The front face of your cabinets is replaced as are the cabinet doors and the front face of the cabinet drawers.  You cabinets look new and essentially are new except for the interior.  The photos at right show examples of our cabinet refacing work.



Refacing your cabinets is far less expensive than doing new cabinets.  It’s custom work, with the refacing made to exactly match the cabinet and drawer openings of your current cabinets, and often improving on your current cabinets by extending to cover existing gaps and spaces etc. not covered by your cabinets.




So when should you do Cabinet Refacing instead of new Custom Cabinets?




§       If you want your new cabinets to be exactly the same size as your current existing cabinets then refacing should be great.  If you want a larger cabinet area, an island added, etc. then you will need new cabinets or a combination of Cabinet Refacing and new cabinets.




§       If the inside of your existing cabinets and drawers really need replacing then Cabinet Refacing  won’t help with that.




§       If the budget is tight, then Cabinet Refacing is going to be a more economical solution, while giving you a fully custom look to your kitchen!




§       With Cabinet Refacing you have the choice of various species and quality of wood, all colors and finishes, etc.  The refaced cabinets can look totally different from your current cabinets – and beautiful.




We specialize in cabinet refacing.  It’s custom work, and most kitchen cabinet companies don’t do custom work.  They don’t have a woodworking shop.  They sell pre-made cabinets from an assembly-line factory across the country or across the sea.  They can’t do custom work, so they can’t do cabinet refacing.  They therefore typically don’t present prospective customers with the cost-effective option of cabinet refacing.  Let’s talk!


“We hired Frank to reface our cabinets in our kitchen and in our master bath.  We just can't believe the difference in how they look before and after! 

 He perfectly matched the stain of the cabinets to the blinds in the kitchen, exactly as we wanted. 

Frank was very easy to work with.  He's gracious, polite, and was on-time.  Frank always cleaned up every day and left the house spotless."

Carla Pforish, Vancouver WA


"I had old cabinets that I did not want to remove.
Frank refaced the cabinets to make them look more up to date. The insides still look old so be sure to keep that in mind, but the outsides look like new cabinets!"
Jan Lewis, Lake Oswego


Free consultation in your home - let's make your cabinet dreams come true!

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